Rules & Regulations

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Updated 4/1/2020


1. Burial rights shall be permitted in Most Precious Blood Cemetery for all the Catholic faithful departed, catechumen and others in accordance with canon law and as set forth in diocesan cemetery regulations and guidelines.

2.  Anyone wishing to purchase burial rights in Most Precious Blood Cemetery shall contact the parish office, which in turn, will contact the sexton who is in charge of selling burial rights.

3. Most Precious Blood Cemetery does not sell physical property. The purchaser does not take ownership of the land on which the lot(s) are located, but rather the purchaser becomes a holder of burial right(s) in that space.

4. All monies shall be made to Most Precious Blood Cemetery. The monies will be credited to the specific cemetery accounts, and a receipt will be given to the purchaser, with a certificate of easement, which is a document that confirms the right(s) of burial. No burial will be permitted until the purchase price of the lot is paid to Most Precious Blood Cemetery.

5. No person shall have burial rights in any space or lot unless his/her name appears on the cemetery records for that space. A burial rights owner may designate a space to another party (family or otherwise), but this is not a transfer of burial rights ownership.

6. Upon the death of the holder of rights on a given space or lot, direct legal heirs should assure that the cemetery records show the proof of transfer of burial rights. According to Wisconsin State Statutes 157.10 when the original owner(s) of a burial space(s) or lot die and is/are buried there, any remaining burial spaces (burial rights) pass equally to all direct heirs. No burials or designations/assignments for future use of the remaining burial rights may be made without the written permission of all heirs; or if all heirs have agreed to transfer ownership to a single heir. Only one remains will be allowed in a vault except in a case of a mother and infant. Two burials are allowed in one space provided one is a cremation.

7. All burial rights shall include perpetual care (amount to be determined by Most Precious Blood Cemetery committee).  This care shall include cutting of grass at reasonable intervals, raking and cleaning of lot, pruning and care of shrubs and trees, and such other work necessary to keep the lot in good condition as circumstances permit. A space or spaces cannot be sold without a complete burial right(s) (perpetual care included).

8. If Purchaser desires to transfer rights to space(s) back to the Cemetery, the Cemetery may purchase the space at a price not more than 70% of the original purchase price. The burial rights may also be donated back to the cemetery.



  1. Only human remains can be buried in this cemetery.
  2. A deceased person who is not interred or entombed at Most Precious Blood cemetery/mausoleum may not be memorialized in such a fashion which would imply or suggest he/she is laid to rest here.  Whether it is a plate or plaque in the mausoleum or a monument or marker in the cemetery, the individual’s information must be prefaced with In Loving Memory”.  A notation will be made in the cemetery records that the person is not interred there.
  3. The Sexton of the Most Precious Blood Cemetery shall superintend the digging of all graves and placing of all vaults, and laying all foundations.  No person shall be permitted to dig graves or lay foundations, except by special permission from the Most Precious Blood Cemetery Committee and then only under supervision of Sexton.
  4. The price to be charged for digging graves and laying foundations shall be established by Most Precious Blood Cemetery Committee and all such money shall be paid into the Most Precious Blood Cemetery account.
  1. The embalming of remains is strongly encouraged prior to interment/entombment in Most Precious Blood Cemetery/Mausoleum.
  2. A vault or outer burial container is required for all casketed remains.  A vault is also required for all urns containing cremated remains.
  1. Whenever interments are to be made, at least twenty-four hour notice must be given to the Sexton; forty-eight hours in the winter.
  1. Burial Hours:  There will be no burials done before 8:00 AM or after 4:00 PM
  1. All monuments and markers, grass level or otherwise must have a concrete foundation with a minimum 4” border around base of monument.  A single grave foundation must not exceed 44” x 28”, a double grave, 88” x 28”; base and tablet not to exceed 36” in height.  Under special consideration the Most Precious Blood Cemetery Committee may allow larger monuments.  Under special consideration Most Precious Blood Cemetery Committee will allow larger monuments and bases. Do not order a larger monument without first contacting the Sexton. Bases for monuments, headstones and markers must be dressed on the underside to an even level and be of uniform thickness.
  1. No foundation will be built between the first day of December and the fifteenth day of March.



  1. Most Precious Blood Cemetery Committee has no wish to interfere with the taste of individuals in regard to the style of their improvements, but in justice to all, they hold the right to prevent or remove anything which they shall consider injurious to the immediate locality, or prejudicial to the general good appearance of the grounds, and of preventing any planting which they may deem injurious and of removing and pruning any trees or shrubs which may obstruct or mar the effect or beauty of the scenery, or may prove otherwise injurious, unsightly or detrimental, the Committee to be final judges of the necessity of such action in every case.
  2. Graves should be kept flat or nearly so, as it is impossible to make the grass live, or to cut properly on high mounds.  No mounds raised above three inches at the center will be allowed on private lots.
  3. No person shall be allowed to plant shrubs, trees or flowers on spaces or lots. Burial Right owners are hereby notified that Most Precious Blood Cemetery Committee reserves the right to remove all neglected plants from vases or urns as soon as they become objectionable to the surroundings.
  4. No curbing, platforms, steps, fences, hedges, or other enclosures will be allowed on any space as such are considered unsightly and useless and are therefore prohibited. Besides floral arrangement, no other items allowed (shepherd hooks, solar lights, knick knacks, etc.). Anything made of glass, tin, aluminum, composite, wood or plastic are hazardous and unsightly and therefore are prohibited.
  5. To insure safe mowing and avoid windblown flowers, all floral arrangements (natural or artificial) MUST BE placed securely in a cemetery urn planter (directly in line next to the monument; not in front or back); in vases attached to the base of the monument, or small saddles placed on top of the monument. This also pertains to all seasonal arrangements. Anything placed directly on the ground will be removed. 
  6. Taping, wiring, or gluing to a marker or monument in any manner, is prohibited. 
  7. No item other than approved floral arrangements (See #5) may be attached to, or be on, any monument or space unless approved by sexton.
  8. Dead flowers are unsightly as well as artificial flowers when faded or windblown and will be discarded immediately.
  9. Please take your flowers, containers, etc. with you–DO NOT leave behind to be disposed of.



  1. Children under twelve years are not permitted in Most Precious Blood Cemetery unless accompanied by their parents, guardians or some responsible person.
  2. Persons with alcoholic beverages, firearms, and/or no person will be permitted to use boisterous or profane language or in any way disturb the quiet and good order of the cemetery.
  3. All persons are prohibited from plucking any flowers, whether wild or cultivated, breaking or injuring any tree or shrub, or defacing any tree or landmark.
  1. No driving allowed on lots, or upon the lawns, under any pretense whatsoever.
  1. No person will be allowed to loiter in Most Precious Blood Cemetery after nine at night.
  1. Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the cemetery without being on a leash. Owners MUST clean up after their pet or privileges will be lost if abused.
  1. All persons are reminded that these grounds are sacredly devoted to the burial of the dead and a strict observance of all that is proper in a place so dedicated will be required of all who visit it.  The penalties of the law will be strictly enforced in cases of wanton injury or disregard of the rules and regulations.  Visitors will confer a favor by informing the Sexton or Committee of any breach of the rules that may come under their observation.
  1. No driving on unplowed cemetery roads during the winter.